Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Turning Hobbies into Money

Can you make money doing something you love?

It's easily overlooked, but you can turn your hobby into a job.  And in fact, you likely should.  The fact that you enjoy doing something enough to make it a hobby means that you're good at it.

Think about that.  Do you enjoy doing things you're NOT good at?  If you're not good at dancing do you like to dance?  If you're not good at basketball - do you like to play basketball?  If you're not good at cross-stitch do you like to do cross stitch?  Of course not!

When you're good at something, you enjoy doing it.  And the reverse is a great clue to your employable skills.  If you love doing something, you're probably good at it!

Make  a list of the things you enjoy doing everyday.  Do it now. One of these is your ticket to starting to earn an income from home!

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