Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do you Love Something?

Are you a homeschooler?  Or, do you have a hobby that you love to talk about? Do you ever wish you could get paid to promote your favorite curriculum or craft supply?

It's possible you can!  

There are many businesses out there that offer "affillate" opportunities.  This means that if you refer your contacts to their product and they buy it, you'll get a commission for the sale.

If you're worried that you'll feel like a pushy sales person by doing this.  You won't.

Affiliate marketing can be invisible to your audience. 
For example:  If you've had a conversation with a friend about a great book and they were interested in it, just send them a quick email after your visit giving them the link to the book. -- It's the friendly thing to do!  -- Use your Amazon affilliate link code (amazon teaches you how) and when they follow the link to peruse the book and buy it, you'll get a comission.    You'll also get a commission on anything else they buy during that shopping experience.
How easy is that?  

There are many ways to spread your enthusiasm about a book or product.
  • You could blog about it and include the link.  
  • You could use your affiliate link in forums when you make reference to a favorite product while answering someone's question.  
Once you get started you'll find all kinds of ways to spread your affiliate links in practical, profitable ways!

Amazon comes quickly to mind, but there are many many affiliate sales opportunities.  Just look at the bottom of any website for the word Affiliates.

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