Friday, September 14, 2012

Tutor English as a Second Language

Have you ever thought of going to Japan to teach English?  But talked yourself out of it because it was a huge commitment and  it would take you away from home and family?

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Well, there's no need to go away for this type of work.  You can help immigrants learn to speak English right here at home!

This can be as easy as meeting other adults at a coffee shop or library to engage in conversation to help them learn and practice English as an English as a Second Language conversation tutor.

This Ebook can show you how to get started!  It includes:

* Step by step guides for starting up your business, running your first lesson, planning your future lessons
* A Step by step guide on how to teach online. A whole chapter devoted to setting up your online teaching service.
* Example advertising, email letters, phone scripts and other useful pages to make it easy to start.
* Lists of questions on various topics for discussion lessons so that you won't run out of things to ask.
* Pronunciation exercises for your students, as well as tips to help you get them to improve themselves.
* 10 lessons worth of plans and exercises for use in 1 hour conversation lessons.
* Advice on how to get your students coming back for more.
And much more!  Check it out!  Become an English Language Conversation Tutor

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